A Boat Trip on the Rhine on the "MS Karlsruhe"
Presented by the Town of Karlsruhe on the occasion of the 50th Pfennigbasar

In appreciation of dozens of years of dedicated commitment by the IWC, the town of Karlsruhe invited club members well as guest helpers of the Pfennigbasar to a boat trip on the Rhine on the MS Karlsruhe.

The two and a half hour long trip started at 2 pm with 260 club members and voluntary helpers from Karlsruhe harbour. We travelled up and down the Rhine, the mood was great and guests made short shrift of the sponsored cake buffet.

Forty-nine years ago the then Karlsruhe Lord Mayor thanked the Club with a Rhine boat trip, when members and helpers took part “behatted”. In her welcoming speech, Mayoress Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz indicated that this tradition had been revived for this year’s boat trip. She voiced her great respect for the Pfennigbasar proceeds of around 4 million Euros which had been distributed to the FGAC Student Exchange, the FGAC Youth Program and to charitable institutions in Karlsruhe.

During a witty speech, IWC President Annerose Lauterwasser handed Gabriele Luczak-Schwarz a bulky, black straw hat found at the Pfennigbasar and indicated that this would surely protect the wearer from storms and bad weather at the town hall.

11.02. - 12.02.2017
Club Presidents and FGAC Board Meeting in Frankfurt

A large number of club presidents attended the first of the 2017 FGAC meetings. The Frankfurt train junction was ideal for this gathering, and a German Bahn room was made available.

Discussion points during the constructive meeting were the upcoming FGAC youth trip to the USA, the GA-Day in Bamberg which will be celebrated in conjunction with the 60th IWC Bamberg anniversary as well as the 70th FGAC anniversary. Statute changes were also debated, and last but not least there was a questions and answers session for all club representatives. The President’s meeting started at 11 am and ended at 4 pm.

The FGAC Board continued their meeting on Sunday morning. In order to discuss the large number of pending topics it was decided to call a workshop in Berlin from 21 to 23 April 2017.

26.01. - 28.01.2017
50th Pfennigbasar

Expectations in the jubilee bazaar were not disappointed. There were illustrious guests during the opening ceremony on 26th January 2017 at the Schwarzwald hall and a never-ending stream of customers during the following two and a half sales days. When the bazaar closed its doors on Saturday, 29th January at 2 pm there were only beaming faces. Sales went exceptionally well and there were record takings. This means that around 170,000 Euros will be donated. The student as well as the youth exchange of the FGAC will be pleased about the large contributions and so will a number of charitable organizations in and around Karlsruhe. The welfare committee will have their work cut out over the coming months, with final approval to be made by the membership meeting in March.

 26.01. - 28.01.2017
50th Pfennigbasar
Anniversary Basar Impressions

November Impressions

The last hiking trip by the Activity Group took place during beautiful weather at the beginning of November from Karlsruhe to Blankenloch. In the Hardtwald we found a display with an amusing poem which may not be known to many people, describing the woodland and its healing powers. Strolling through the autumnal woods we came across much that is interesting in nature. No doubt this is one of the reasons why the Activity Group is so highly frequented. Those impassioned Club members who know the area well tend to invest much time and successful organization in the walking tours and we should like to thank them very much indeed for their efforts. Most especially, since the tours end up with a joint lunch!

New Board

In office from January 1st 2017

According to schedule the Annual Membership Meeting of the IWC Karlsruhe elected the following Board Members on October 25nd 2016:

President: Annerose Lauterwasser

Vice President: Mariana Nerger

Chairperson Pfennigbasar: Dr. Birgit Maczek

Treasurer: Monika Groh

Secretary: Beatrice Heinzelmann

German American Day in Munich

Bestowal of Lucius D. Clay Medal 2016

This year’s event was hosted by the FGAC and the German-American Men’s club, Munich.

To get things rolling informally on Friday evening, the Club had invited Club Presidents and interested guests from all over Germany to the „Ratskeller“ of the town hall.

Saturday started with a joint meeting of the FGAC Board and Club presidents, which was followed by the ceremony of the bestowal of the Lucius D. Clay Medal at the historic Munich Town Council Chamber.

This year’s recipient of the medal is Friedrich Merz in his capacity of Chairman of the „Atlantik-Brücke“ for outstanding services for German-American relations. The lauditory speech was held by His Excellency John B. Emerson, US Ambassador in Germany. Both men emphasized the good relations and strong links between the Federal Republic of Germany and the United States of America. They also stressed that such a friendship requires permanent care and thanked the FGAC for their continued commitment.

Professor Susanne Kelling and the Schenning string quartet provided suitable music for the occasion.

The German students which had returned from the US after scholarship year received their certificates from FGAC President Sigrid Behnke-Dewath, together with personal congratulations by Ambassador Emerson, photo opportunity included!

The Town of Munich had invited all participants to a reception after the ceremony.

The traditional dinner at the „Wappensaal“ of the Munich Hofbräuhaus rounded off a most successful week-end.

 06. - 08.05.2016
Annual Convention in Berlin

This year's Convention delegates were guests of the "German American Club of Berlin e.V." and the start made a Come Together at a typical Berlin eatery. The IWC Karlsruhe was represented by president Renate Nobbe, vice president Annerose Lauterwasser, Pfennigbasar chair Barbara Rominger-Hess, Gie Kyrios and Brigitte Leverenz.
The annual convention of the FGAC took place on Saturday. Most important item on the agenda was the election of the FGAC Board for the upcoming two years. Elected were the following:

President  Sigrid Behnke-Dewath
Vice President  Volker Schüttenhelm
Treasurer  Kai Zimmermann and Pawel Bobinski
Gazette  Dana Kittel
Student Program  Antonia Schroeter and Oliver Scheele
Media Coordinator  Heiko Teigelkötter
Parliamentarian  Hans-Georg Augustinowski
Alumni  Anja Seitz
Events  Brigitte Leverenz
Advisor  Jacob Schrot

The Berlin club provided an attractive tourist program for those guests not taking part in the Convention.

As ever, the Convention culminated in a gala dinner at the convention hotel, where our 18 2015/16 American exchange students were awarded their certificates.

Picture 1: New Board - LTR
  Mike Pilewski
Kai Zimmermann
Sigrid Behnke-Dewath
Volker Schüttenhelm
Dana Kittel
Anja Seitz
Brigitte Leverenz

Picture 2:  American Exchange Students

Wine tasting at the State Vinyard Durlach
A somewhat different start to the season

One ought to cultivate traditions but should be open to the new. The Board, with its invitation by President Renate Nobbe to a wine tasting at the State Vineyard Karlsruhe Durlach, practised this at the start of the new Season. 50 members as well as our American exchange student Travis Sauer had accepted the invitation and had a most informative and cheerful time.

Sparkling wine set the mood for the evening in their beautiful garden underneath the single vineyard "Durlacher Turmberg". Then Jana Menzel of the State Vineyard gave a talk on the history of the vineyard which was first mentioned in 771 AD. After a somewhat chequered history the vineyard was renamed "State Research Vineyard" in 1980 and was purchased by the State Bank Baden-Württemberg in 1993. She concluded with a summary of present environmentally friendly production quality of premium wines on historical soil.

And then? There followed three hours dedicated to the delectation of the noble grape with accompanying nibbles.

Youth Orchestra Meeting of Karlsruhe Partner Towns
Come Together KA 300

158 young people and their entourage of partner towns Nottingham (UK), Temeswar (Rumania), Krasnodar (Russia) and Halle (Saxony-Anhalt) were Karlsruhe's guests for three days. The orchestra from Nancy was unable to attend.

Together with 65 young Karlsruhe musicians they played on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the town of Karlsruhe. The audience was thrilled and applauded at length. Musical cooperation, young musicians meeting across language borders and cultural differences were a great testament of international understanding. Music brings people together! It is hard to find a better way of celebrating international understanding than making music together, to meet face to face and to celebrate. These memories will no doubt linger on for quite some time.

The International Women's Club made a donation and we therefore contributed in no small measure to the success towards this great event. We are very pleased that our aims regarding "the advancement of international understanding" have lived up to our expectations.

Clebration of US Independence Day

Even the scorching heat didn't spoil our enjoyment of our celebration of US Independence Day. The free and easy evening proved very popular and was sold out with 30 ladies attending. Good conversations were enjoyed over delicious grilled steaks, spare ribs, sausages, corn on the cob, veggie kebabs and a number of salads. The pleasant ambiance of the "Künstlerkneipe" helped the evening go with a swing.

Our student Anna received her scholarship from the Schroff Foundation and was bid farewell at the same time. With a laughing and a crying eye she thanked Simone Zimpfer for her present of a shoulder bag with a KA imprint, as well as for her experiences which she was able to make thanks to the generous scholarship. A life changing time was coming to an end but she revealed she would return to Germany to continue her studies.

Sponsoring for the best English language graduation assignment at the Lessing Gymnasium Karlsruhe

Bettina Neumann won the book and money prize for the best English language assignment of the graduation year 2015. It was presented during the prize giving ceremony by Brigitte Leverenz on the occasion of the graduation ball.

Left to right:
Ralph Zepfel, Head of English Course
Sabine Schatte, Director Lessing Gymnasium
Bettina Neumann, awardee
Brigitte Leverenz, IWC Kalrsruhe

Trip to the EU Parliament at Brussels

The trip to the EU parliament was a highlight of the 2015 Club program and was meticulously organized, which always happens whenever Sigrun Wolf Zeller carries out one of her trips.

Karlsruhe departure in the morning, Brussels arrival early afternoon at the hotel, right in the middle of town.

The comprehensive program started at 5 pm on arrival day with a visit to the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU. Why is there a representation in Brussels? We knew more after our visit and suitable relaxation ending the day followed with a visit to a typical Brussels pub.

On June 23, Peter Simon, MEP for Baden-Württemberg at the EU parliament, conducted a tour through parliament which was followed by a talk in the Region's Committee room. After a short lunch we visited the Atomium, built in 1958 for the World Expo. Recently restored, it is still an impressive, futuristic construction. After such an exhausting day, our tour guide had planned ahead and chosen a quaint restaurant for dining and chatting.

Our last day started with a reception at the Representation of Baden-Württemberg. Following such detailed EU parliament visits we lunched and then had a guided tour through the beautiful old town.

We took the return coach at 4 pm and at around 11 pm we arrived back at Karlsruhe, tired but immensely happy.